Strawberry Delivery

Why go to a nursery and overpay for strawberry plants or go online and purchase strawberry seeds. We will deliver the best ever bearer strawberry bare root plant to your door and we never charge for shipping. We have been sending strawberries plants for over seven years. We have satisfied thousands of customers every year. Let us show you!

These plants cant be put in your garden or container gardening. Growing strawberries is easy and will give you fruit for years to come. These seascape strawberries will duplicate year after year and are very resistant to frost and disease. We will show you how to grow the bare root plants. You do not have to have a green thumb but just the desire to grow and water your plants regularly.

Strawberry planters are a nice way to grow the seascape strawberry bare root plants but you have to make sure they are watered regularly. Container growing is convenient on space but takes more effort on watering. Crowning your strawberries in a garden is easier but space is not always an option.

We send the highest quality bare root strawberry plants right to your door step. This variety will give you strawberries all year long and will survive the winter and come back strong the next year.